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Monday, March 18 2019


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Auction pictures older than ~30 days have been cleaner out of the system.  If you notice your picture aren't working anymore, then you probably had them in the wrong folder :)  Only pictures in the Auctions folder will be routinely purged.

We have added cool functionality that lets you easily add images to MySpace and various user forums.  When viewing your images, click on the properties icon
Picture Properties to bring up a window that will allow you to copy and paste HTML of various sizes into your other sites.

Sorry we were down for a while.  Our service provider basically screwed up real good and managed to delete last months data.  All user data for the past month has been lost.  Unfortunately we have restored all we can restore.  We have taken measures to ensure this doesn't happen again by switching hosts (http://www.webllama.com) and putting a backup system in place.

We've revamped the Gallery section!  You can now post to a category and browse in a similar fashion.  When you see this icon beside your folder:
click it to add that folder to the gallery.  You can post to an existing category or create a new one.

Did you know that EzPixs will generate HTML code you can paste into your auction description?  We've modified the process to make it a little bit easier to navigate to this section.  On 'My Page', simply click the 'Upload Auction Pics' link on the right hand navigation.  If you click your 'Auctions' folder, you will also be prompted to be taken to the Upload page.

We've added a contact us form.  You can check it out by clicking here or on the top right menu bar.

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